The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have used Propshield Stern Gear Antifouling Grease since it went on sale in the beginning of 2006. These are candid and largely unedited comments. They express both satisfaction and sometimes dissatisfaction, and that's a good thing. welcomes and needs honest, direct responses in order to improve.

The testimonials below are arranged in no particular chronological order and come from all over the world.

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Dear Sirs, I would like to congratulate you on your product. After 40 years of using other types of materials on propellers, the results over the last two years have been so good, I now use it on shafts, trim tabs and paddle wheels logs and have achieved amazing results.

Considering I do all my boating in the South East corner of the United Kingdom in probably the worst underwater growth area known to man, a quite outstanding performance from your product. I have and will continue to recommend it to my friends.Your continued success.
Bill W.
Kent, England

Hi, thanks for a great antifouling it has worked wonders on my boat.
Dorset, England

Hey guys,
I really like your propshield stuff. It works great and stops those shells sticking to my screws. The boat goes like stink, much better than last year when it was covered in shells on the props.
Jed Harroway
Marco Island
Florida, U.S.A.

Your antifouling is the best ive tried, ive tried everything from conventional antifouling paint to these new fangled two pot paints and none have worked as well as yours.
Many thanks
Gerry S
Essex, England

My yacht has a folding propeller and has always been a problem with barnacles stopping it folding properly. This has caused drag and slowed the boat when sailing. When using the engine which is only small at the end of the season I hardly make any headway against a strong tide. Since using Propshield I have a new propeller all season and it has transformed my boating.
Name and address withheld

I thought I should write to let you know how pleased I am with your product. Not only has it prevented those dreaded barnacles from sticking to my props it has also stopped the damaging effects of leaving my shore power connected. My props always looked green at the end of the season and I regularly had to replace them every four years. The one nearest to the pontoon was always the worst. Since I have used Prop shield this problem seems to have vanished. There was only a slight trace of green on the hub but I am told that this is nothing to worry about. This should save me £1200 for two props every four years or more. Thanks a lot for a great product!

I was a bit disappointed with my initial use of propshield as it did not seem to give me the protection that I had envisaged. I have a motor cruiser based on the river crouch in Essex. This is a very bad area for fouling and I expected to have at least eight months out of propshield. I normally lift the boat three times in a season to clear the encrustations from the props and hull. So when I lifted it the first time I was surprised to find a few small barnacles’ sticking to the props. However I scraped them off and recoated with a single coat and re- launched. When I lifted the boat a second time three months later no barnacles’ were to be seen except on the hub but that doesn’t matter. While the boat was out I gave the props another coat. At the end of the season I lifted her out for storage ashore and still no barnacles. Next year I will lift out only twice but spread the lifts out to four and half months instead of three. So already I am saving money time and fuel. Perhaps I should have read the instructions more carefully as you do say that recoating may be needed in high fouling areas.
Thanks a lot Propshield and Prop Protector



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