How to apply Propshield

There are two methods to choose from when applying Propshield Antifouling Grease, Method A and Method B. As with most things each method will need to be used two or three times before a user becomes fully comfortable and confident with the processes involved. See below for a detailed guide or click here to see a basic Propshield Application Flowchart (includes Antifouling Grease andIndustrial product lines)

For optimum results on metal surfaces we recommend ‘Method A’ as metals absorb PROPSHIELD more readily when hot, however if you are uncomfortable using a blowlamp/heatgun or don't have access to either of these tools then 'Method B' using white spirit will be only slightly less effective as 'Method A'.  For both Methods application is preferable on a warm day above 15°C if possible, if the temperature is lower than this warm Propshield up in a bucket/tub of hot water until malleable.

Click below to view the application guide for each Method (Note that more detailed written instructions for both methods are included with your Propshield purchase along with further detailed do's and don'ts) (Further application photos can be seen here.)

Method A
Suitable for all metal surfaces including bronze, stainless steel and aluminium and is applied using heat as a penetration catalyst (requires a blowlamp or heatgun).

Method B
Suitable for painted surfaces as well as all metal surfaces and is applied using white spirit as a penetration catalyst.

Coverage and Reapplication Guide

One 375g pot of Propshield is sufficient to treat a 12 metre boat twice (coating only the props and shafts) so effectively you only pay half the RRP per year. If you treat the props, shafts rudders and trim tabs then one pot will only be sufficient for a 12 metre vessel once.

Alternatively one pot will cover two outdrive legs below the water line on a 10 metre boat.
Single screw craft and smaller vessels will have enough PROPSHIELD for two or more seasons. Why not share a pot with another user?

If the vessel is in commission for 6-7 months one application is normally sufficient; this depends on local conditions and you may need to coat more frequently.

If in commission for 12 months reapply more frequently, again depending on local conditions.

We cannot give precise guidelines as each locality has different fouling problems. We would advise Propshield users to follow the initial guidelines and adapt these to suit your locality.


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